• Plugin Turns Into Datapack

    I must not be the first one to notice the recent trend of flattening—let me use this word—in software configuration. By this I mean the decline of structured plugin interfaces and the rise of parameter interfaces. The examples are numerous.

  • 词义污染反思


  • Gutenburg Adaptive Column Layout

    You now have to use a hack to implement adaptive column layout, as the framework exposes no way to use a @media query or even a custom CSS selector. This hack is also extremely funny and exposes some intriguing design in Gutenburg.

  • Chromium Browser Data Migration on Windows

    Modern Chromium utilizes the Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI), specifically CryptProtectData(). Data migration cannot be done by simply copying the data directory to another computer, because the data would be encrypted with a key only available on the source computer. Fortunately, it turns out to be fairly simple to migrate Chromium user data, thanks to the design that Chromium envelops the encryption mechanism by one layer.

  • 2022 年旧金山湾区行与思

    第一次游旧金山湾区是在 2021 年 8 月刚入境的时候。随便安排了 5 天,没有什么准备地打卡了几间著名公司和大学。今年 6 月,在假期停滞不前之时,我决定给自己安排长达 35 天的旅行,再次来到旧金山。

  • 你还没有找到答案


  • Server Administration Memo

    This domain name is tebibyte.io. You have to admit that’s pretty cool. Tebibyte was originally only a storage server intended for my family and close friends.

  • Don’t Solve A Problem

    Instead, produce or adapt a better theory, which will naturally lead you beyond the problem you are trying to solve, or at least let you see the subject more clearly.

  • Why Does “App” Still Exist?A meta-UX reflection of the past decade of apps

    What characterizes the digital world of the 2010’s? Most would agree with Web 2 and a world of apps. But whatever prosperity it seems to be does not prevent me from, alternatively, considering our current world of apps as an ad hoc mess. It has been practically obvious that no modestly sized group of experts […]

  • A Flashback of /~www-users

    You may have noticed that this blog exist(ed) at https://www-users.tebibyte.io/~yihanwu1024/ on May 16th, 2022. As its name suggests, this subdomain is for user-managed websites. Typically, the URL follows the form of https://www-users.example.org/~user/ or https://www.example.org/~user/, which, quite weirdly, feels a little bit retro. This impression is because a typical www-users setup only serves static content for […]